Should I buy this network switch? (TEG-524WS) - Normie

Hello everyone, good day. Just one of the normies seeking guidance. I found an offer in my local market for buying a network switch TEG-524WS. But I am not sure if it is going to be functional for my needs. So I wanted to get the community opinion regarding this switch. :thinking:

A little bit of my current setup, I have 2 - 24ports gigabit unmanaged switches at home that are 3/4 full connected to my pfsense. As best practice, I try to have everything wired (for safety and science). I will prefer to have just on hardware instead of 2 draining my power (electric bill in my town is expensive as hell). :disappointed_relieved:

I noticed that TEG-524WS switch is a managed switch. I have never configured on of those. I plan to use it out of the box for normie traffic activities. I do not need snmp, vlans or the other stuff.

The catch is that TEG-524WS is a lot cheaper than its unmanaged counterpart. :thinking:

This is the information link for the router.

Hope you can help this normie in distress. Regards. :yum:

Out of box it should run as a dumb switch

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Aww thats not fun

^ is true