Should I buy 660ti or 7950?

I am building a new gaming rig with a 19inch monitor (so I don't think I'll be playing at 1080p) and I have a problem with choosing the GPU.

In my country, the 7950 is now a bit cheaper than the 660 ti, so I'm a little bit confused of choosing one of them. I really want to max out all the games and after looking at some benchmarks, the 7950 mostly beats the 660 ti. But what bothers me is about the PhysX incompatibility with AMD cards. So it comes to the big question:

Is the 660 Ti enough to max out all games with the resolution less than 1080p OR should I get the 7950 and ignore the PhysX?

You should be fine Either way

what site did you check the benchmarks out on?


This should clear up your question :D

Tom's Hardware (,3279-2.html), some youtube review videos and other sites I found from google.

^^^ An honest un-biased opinion for sure.

Hmm.. I guess the 7950 has the better value for the price, but I gotta ask about the physX. Is it gonna be a big difference with the PhysX turned off at some games, say Borderlands 2?

Your obviously concerned about PhysX.  Depending on what game your playing and how well the Devs have made use of the tech.  Nvidia is probably going to be your choice at the end of the day.  So 660ti.  EVGA has a 3gb model floating around.

I was going to get a 660ti but instead saved more and opted for EVGA's 670 FTW model.

And yes there is quite a difference in eye candy without PhysX in Borderlands 2.

If PhysX didn't exsist then I would preference the 7950.

yea i have that 3gb model its 269.99 plus a rebate got mine back within 2 weeks. clock speeds are same as the evga 2gb sig 2 ti's lemme get you a link.


ftw and sig 2's have almost identical clocks and core speeds as the ti's, and a lil cheaper too ;p

Okay, I think I'll go for the 660 Ti, maybe the 3GB EVGA if it's available here. So thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it. :)

Is that for the 660 or 660ti.

660s have fewer cores than ti's as you probably know.

welcome enjoy ur new setup

yea the cudas are lower i was talking core and clock speeds though.

May I recommend that you check out HardOCP's latest articles on the subject?

I myself am having trouble deciding what I should get. I want a dual GPU setup, but want to keep it in a small case such as the BitFenix Prodigy or the SilverStone Sugo SG09. In this article, they say that the Radeons have better framerates, however, the GeForces "feel" much smoother.

HardOCP Driver roundup with the latest graphic cards.

Also, there would seem to be some kind of an artificial glitch with Radeon cards which caps cutscenes in games to 20fps. However, this problem is aleveated when you go in a dual GPU setup.

HardOCP Asus GeForce GTX 660Ti Review

From my perspective, I would go for the nVidia solution, eventhough I'd rather give my money to AMD because they need it more.

By dual GPU do you mean in one card? The BitFenix Prodigy only has space for one 2-slot card.

Yes and no. This problem apparently involves the Radeon cards. When the cards are in CFX, the problem resolves. I recommend that you read the articles, the graphs are quite telling and they explain this much better than I ever could.
The wattage is much better for 690 than 2x680SLI, so it's cheaper on the long run. The problem for me is that the Bitfenix Prodigy isn't that small of a case. But the huge advantage is the 230mm fan you can put in front, and you can put 1 NZXT Kraken x40 in the back for the CPU and 2 Antec H20 Kuhlers up top to replace the shroud cooler on the GTX690.

If they would have made an SSD version only without the HDD brackets in the front, it would have been a no brainer.