Shopping for a NAS

Hello. I am shopping for a NAS. I would like a NAS that has Apps where I will be able to upload photos and documents, then retrieve them later. View photos and videos that I upload.
This is my first purchase. I have been reading about Synology and Qnap and I am leaning towards the Synology brand because of the Apps. Does anyone have any suggestions?

If you go Synology, I would recommend a unit with external PSU. There have been too many cases of broken internal PSUs to run that risk. Otherwise I like the UI and features of Synology stuff a lot but I can’t speak about how it compares to QNAP since I have no experience with their stuff.


We haven’t seen PSU problems on our 2 Synology DS1618+ and DX517, plus they work really well. IDK how much data you need to store, you might be OK with a smaller one even. All the Synology ones have a DLNA server for videos, music, etc. which works real nice.

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I have had some experience with Qnap units.

  1. The Synology has a better UI I my opinion.
  2. If you get a low end Qnap there’s not a lot of apps, there’s lots more if you have to go to the unofficial store.
  3. There not 100% stable, one i had to reboot at least once a month, why? who know there are nothing in the logs thats helpful

I would go Synology, unless you want one of the Qnap ZFS NAS’s since Synology does not support ZFS as far as i know

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