Shim and Opensuse

So I installed Opensuse on my laptop but I have to switch to legacy to boot into it. I found out that Shim allows Opensuse to be installed with secure boot on.

What all do I need to do to enable that feature?

I don't mind reinstalling since I have done much with the current install.

My Laptop is Microsoft Certified, so I can't turn off secure boot. 

Secure boot is not an issue at all for OpenSuSE. It will also install the GRUB-EFI variant, instead of GRUB2, so that EFI isn't a problem either, whatever settings you would use.

To make an existing GRUB2 install into a GRUB-EFI install, just change from the one to the other, re-grub-config, re-Dracut your boot parameters, and it should work just fine. If you're not sure, just reinstall and let the installer take care of it.

I will just reinstall I Always seem to Bork the grub when I mess with it

Holy shit it just works. Opensuse come here I wanna hug you! Manjaro and Ubuntu both couldn't do this.

Cool, share your experience with us please...

I will do a review of 13.2 as a blog once I get optimus set up

Weird that you couldn't get Secure boot working with Ubuntu and Manjaro.

I've never had any issues.