Shielding PCI-e Extenders

he likely used 2-3 pci-e extender cables, as he hasn't mention them at all.

actually he did.
"3M risers installed. These were longer than the 3x daisy chain I had and
was able reach the first slot and get both cards to run at x16 mode." ($88 / 1)

88 dollars for 1? That is crazy.

Looks like it's just regular grey flat cables but he modded it to match his build.

well they did apply shielding to it. If you grab some efi shielding paint or something alike and coat the cable with it; you'll have same thing. (you can get efi rfi shield tape.)

(too small)

(fancy little cutting?)


@Giulianno_D It looks like he used the 3M one which I am starting to feel like I should just suck it up and save myself headaches by paying for that one lol.

I did see those EZDIY ones and one of them would be the perfect length for my build. But it's not in stock so I don't even know if it's cheaper than the 3M one since none of the sites I found it at had a price listed anymore. Sadly I can't seem to tell if they even still make the one length I would want.

@anon5205053 That's what I was kinda curious about, the 3M cable is separated and a little weird (looks very thick?) so I don't know if there's additional shielding laid out in that cable for a specific purpose, or if a careful application of RF shielding tape would net me the same benefit on a cheaper (much cheaper ~$15-20) unshielded cable with good reviews and be able to save myself 50% or more.

I do wanna get it figured out before I finalize my waterjet tooling for the stainless steel plate this is all going on lol.

i had this setup, and i didn't have any issues. (without shielding.)
(at most i had 3 cards in this old setup, 2 of them were using non-shielded pci-e raisers.)
(this one has 2 gpu's)

i didn't have any issues with interference.

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There shouldn't be any emi issues, these are the same extenders/risers used in 24/7 workload PCs (bitcoin miners/servers).

Just do it, it's what I did.

System runs flawlessly

Word of warning when manually adding shielding: this adds parasitic capacitance. This might or might not be a problem.

@kewldude007 So...another vote for the expensive 3M cable :P (also managed to remind me I forgot to put a spot for a critical component! My power button!)

@Qantourisc Interesting to know.

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I can confirm the EZDIY NEW PCI Express 16x High Speed Riser Card-25cm from amazon which is sold out works wonderfully. I have a Thermaltake Core P3 case and has never had an issue with this riser cable. If you can find one get it.

i think the only problems exist when you push sound card through a riser cable.

@gigabit Do you remember how much you spent on that? It doesn't show a cost while out of stock. If it's a good price drop from those $88 cables I may just have to start watching those amazon listings like a hawk.

@anon5205053 Yeah, a sound card seems like it would be problematic.

Fortunately from what I know the Realtek 1220 that is in every AM4 board is pretty good if I recall correctly, and I run digital out (via DTS Connect) to two receivers from my PC anyway so analog doesn't really factor in except for headphones which I can easily use a USB DAC or another optical cable for.

Also I will be running a single GPU and most of that cable will be tucked in behind a stainless steel plate....wonder if maybe I should just try running a cheap unshielded cable to see how it works. Worst case scenario I can turn the testing into an interesting build log.

Now I just need to finish putting together my little AM4 PC nest egg so I can buy everything and get this .DXF to the waterjet place :P (Oh...and I need the dang X370 Taichi boards to be back in stock already

$29.99, bless America!

Oh damn, that actually might be worth waiting for it to come back in stock then, that is almost $50 cheaper.

Do you have ebay where you live? I found these:


They're called Li-Heat Co Ltd., I checked out their website and they are legit. They also have good reviews, from USA costumers no less. They're Taiwanese based and they dedicate on making PCI extensions for server level environments. They do rigorous testing for the cables it seems.

(That's their 1m version on the bench)

My only gripe is the long shipping time, if you buy now you might get it sometime next month (that means anytime between the beginning and last week of April). Good price though.

BTW, they make the PCI extension cables with integrated shielding already. Also, you mention power button for your build? Your choice of mother should have a power button right on the mobo, no? Otherwise, you can get this from the same company:

(Luminescent pushbutton switch mainframe computer)

That's interesting indeed. Honestly the Ryzen build is prolly at least a month out from happening anyway so they might be a good option.

Power switch wise I have tons of colored led angel eye switches in my parts bins so I will probably just use one of those. I bought a bunch cuz I like the look.

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Looked a little more into the Li-heat cables and found this, interesting if anyone is curious about how they are shielded.

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Looks like the braided sleeving is more than just aesthetics, a very practical design.

Yeah I think I'll have to give those cables a try. They look pretty solid. Can't order them for a bit though, stuff came up and now I'm gonna be moving in the next two months it looks like, so it's not the time to order things from China lol.

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