Shield battery failed - need to replace

The battery for my shield tablet just failed. wont hold a charge anymore. I need it replaced or power on my shield to retrieve my data(mainly music and photos). can anyone help me with this? also unrelated to this topic but for some reason of all a sudden my iphone 5 in the music app in the recently played app got this bug. basically if you hit a son it plays the one above it. also is there anyway to restore a shield tablet which had fastboot(probably something else) wiped after trying to install a custom kernel. im not too upset given it was my old tablet that i was supposed to throw a way but still i wanted to sell it.

thanks but I haven't used a solder iron in years so im afraid ill damage it.

You can try to boot the device with it plugged into a 2.1 amp or quickcharge power adapter and then see if the tablet is eligible for the recall that was ordered due to battery problems:

this is actually the replacement one.

Well try to boot it off a strong power adapter and see if you can get your stuff off while its running on that, and then you can attempt to fix it or just toss it at that point. Idk of any other options.