Shared Network Into Ethernet Switch?

Hey guys!

So I have a laptop with a WiFi connection, and I have a second computer near it that I would like to run as a server. If I bridge the WiFi and the Ethernet together as a network bridge, I can get a connection on the desktop that doesn't have a WiFi card through the Ethernet. I was wondering, since it was an Ethernet cable, would I be able to successfully run it into a small Ethernet switch (maybe 4 or 8 ports) as their own connection? I don't mind about the speeds too much so long as it is not unusable.
The Burrito.

If it's bridged then it should work fine.

You good on this one?

ah thanks, I just wasn't sure since it has to have a connection to the router, laptop, Ethernet, then finally splitting it a bunch. Thanks.

I am not sure what you mean, but thanks

I was just asking if you still needed help

oh no I got dis, thanks for asking though, mate :)