Share your YouTube subs

Since we’re all here because of YouTube, share and discuss your subscription list.

Feel free to elaborate on your own or comment on other peoples list.

This is mine, pic is cropped, so click to see full list.

There are a little over 100 subs in my box not all fit on this screnshot… I do not watch them all actively. Heck, I forget what some of these channels are… I need to do some cleaning…

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I actively watch every video they all come out with too…Favorites though that I can’t click Play soon enough would have to be AVE, Boris on Bikes, Level1, and Let Me Explain Studios. Also LOVE TheSmoaksVlog for no particular reason other than it’s motorcycle shop talk and beautiful country. Podcast wise, Motorcycle’s and Misfits, and Cleveland Moto are two I can never get enough of!

This seems like my kind of channel, definitely gonna check this one out.

My absolute favorite by far is ChrisFix, can’t have enough of his videos.

I started watching his channel because he is a local motovlogger, but kept on watching and now love it because all his videos are always kinda uplifting, really well produced, and fun to watch!

Holy crap…3 mil subs!? WTF?! I unsubbed him years ago because his videos were always a little too novice for my taste…too childish, not enough cursing for shop talk! Damn I wish I had a house / space to make content like that, because shop work is where my heart is at! I REALLY want to do something like that :frowning:

EDIT: Almost forgot one! Chris Harris!!! He does motorcycle repair on old BMW’s! His videos are freaking awesome, and just recently he decided to pack up and go traveling across the US in an RV, taking extremely short little snips of his voyage. Not sure how he got removed from my subs, but the ChrisFix reminded me of him!

ive got 138 subs so its hard todo most of them. Need todo some cleaning of the ones that dont post anything anymore and see how well it does.

Most of my subs are all over the place content wise so im just gonna group them together into categories. with most of the channels in there



  • Alec Steele
  • Joey Van Der Steeg
  • Black Beard Projects


  • XisumaVoid
  • XBCrafted
  • Nonsanity
  • Desinc
  • GrandPooBear
  • Ryukahr
  • Ethoslab
  • HelixSnake
  • Stryder7X
  • OfficalNerdCubed
  • OfficallyNerdCubedLive
  • Phoenix SC
  • Sethbling
  • TeamPGP


  • LinusTechTips
  • TechQuicke
  • Barnacles Nerdgasm
  • Jayztwocents
  • Gamers Nexus
  • Hardware Unboxed
  • AdordedTV
  • Pauls Hardware
  • Bitwit
  • LGR
  • der8auer
  • Lowspacegamer
  • RandomgaminginHD
  • Level1Enterprise
  • Level1Linux
  • Level1Techs
  • StrangeParts
  • The 8-Bit Guy


  • CodysLab
  • NileRed
  • Scishow
  • Scishow Space
  • Scishow Pysc
  • ComputerPhile
  • Applied Science
  • AVE
  • MinutePhysics
  • Scott Manly


  • EEVBlog
  • Ben Eater
  • GreatScott!
  • Bigclivedotcom
  • The Ben Heck Show


  • CodysBlab
  • DeviantOllam
  • Beyond The Press
  • Anni Vuohensilta
  • LinusCatTips
  • MrRebecca
  • CinemaSins - Jeremy
  • Matt and Tom
  • Matthias Wandel - Second Channel
  • NumberPhile2
  • Taren Van Hemert

Forum Bois

  • Micheal Lindman
  • Cyklondx
  • Imaximus
  • Kewldude007
  • Wendell Tron
  • Nikolas Caven
  • Pistol


  • 8-Bit Keys
  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • Icon for Hire
  • Dan Bull
  • Jazmin Lee
  • Kat Mcsnatch
  • Lemolo Music
  • Metal Land
  • Spectacular Spectacular


  • Alt Shift X
  • ArhyBES
  • CinemaSins
  • KaptainKristan


  • Binging with Babish
  • How to make everything
  • Hydraulic Press Channel
  • KentoBento
  • Primitive Technology
  • Late Night Linux
  • LucasTheSpider
  • Marek Baczynski
  • MasterJun3
  • Tom Scott
  • Matthias Wandel - Main Channel
  • Mikeboyd
  • OfficiallyNerdCubed - Was a BTS/Blog channel but is now more about toys
  • Peter Brown
  • Simons Cat


  • Door Monster
  • LastWeekTonight
  • ExplosmEntertainment


  • Hak5
  • Liveoverflow


  • Mathologger
  • Numberphile
  • SingingBananna

Too tired todo the rest. But thats about 90% of my subs


That’s quite the sub list though, I like to keep mine tidy and only channels I regularly watch.

Most of them only upload weekly though i have a fair bit that uploads regularly. but most of those tend to be 10-30 minutes in length. Just gives me something to watch in my downtime


Shout out to OnePlus for the scroll screenshot feature.

There are a lot of crappy CS youtubers which I need to unsub from. Except Philip, of course.

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I got a mix of a little of everything. I like to keep my subscriptions trimmed to what I actively watch. Looks like I need to cleanup a few channels. However, I want to highlight a few quality channels not yet represented.

Tech: Dave Lee

Cars: Savagegeese

Blacksmithing and Life Advice: Essential Craftsman

For Lulz: You Suck At Cooking

games, comedy, movies and computors,
I don’t know what the numbers mean:

Actually Hardcore Overclocking 3
AdoredTV 2
Channel Criswell
Chris Stuckmann 3
Cinema Cartography 1
ClassicGameJunkie 1
Coding Tech 14
Compu-Tips 1
CrashCourse 5
dariotown 1
der8auer 3
Dice Funk 1
Don’t Hug Me .I’m Scared
Errant Signal 1
Every Frame a Painting
Extra Credits 3
Film-Drunk Love 1
Gamers Nexus 7
Hardware Unboxed 7
Innuendo Studios 1
Jerks Sans Frontieres
Just Write 1
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 1
Level1Linux 1
Level1Techs 4
Lindsay Ellis 1
Mark Brown 3
Noah Caldwell-Gervais 1
Noclip 1
PBS Idea Channel 1
Penguin Recordings
RagnarRox 1
Renegade Cut 2
Super Bunnyhop 1
Super Bunnyhop Second Channel 2
Team PGP 1
Tech YES City 4
The Linux Gamer 3
VaatiVidya 1
wendell tron 1
Wisecrack 2

How many new videos the channels has since you last visited their uploads page.