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Share Your Spotify 2018 Stats


There’s a little bit of that in mine but not too much, mine is mostly just post-hardcore and metalcore.


The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.

She’s Dead


Basically I used Spotify to listen to the RWBY soundtrack.



Mine’s sort of skewed because that new Coheed album was just so good. Also low play time because less commute for work and I was using PowerAmp and my own files for listening to more.


I spent a ton of time listening to Crywolf and Eden this year. Also, @w.meri it’s nice to see a fellow Illenium fan.


Where’d you find that graph?


Seems to be a legit spotify website.

I have both Spotify and PowerAmp scrobbling to so that would be more accurate on a plays and genres I’d guess. I’m not happy with Spotify the last year or so.


Here’s mine.


This thread is going to make me get Spotify, isn’t it?


Don’t do it!

Do it!

Choose one.



The ads on the free version are almost as bad as radio ads.

And then I’m a cheap bastard so I don’t feel like paying $120/yr to not have ads.


If we included YouTube in this I think all of your top artists would be my top artists.

When I’m working on stuff I pretty much just set MrSuicideSheep on an endless loop.






Only 92 hours in a year, beat that lol.


funny how my absolute favorite not gotten in there: Forbidden Frienship-John Powell and all of the Electro Swing…