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Share Your Spotify 2018 Stats


Share your Spotify stats, they should be sending emails out where you can see it.




Low listen time because I only recently got this account.


I really don’t know how Eminem made it in my top artists :man_shrugging: I listen to him but not that much. 100% recommend checking out my top songs if you get a minute (I can message you links if you want them).


Had a month or two where I’d have the Skyrim soundtrack on in the background a lot of the time.



If you like Tengger Cavalry check out Mongol.


Lotr orchestra, finnish metal, finnish metal, mongoloid metal, John Wick, and most looped songs are from Eluventie which is this celt metal thing

Colors are black, and pink


These colors go by these genres because you @Ethereal are just black&white like some death metal, and mine is same but gay, and @nuke goes already somewhere drag queen :smiley:


Press ‘F’ to pay No RESPEKs to these lies.

it was too gud when it came out… I had to.


OH, seeing @Kat’s picture and you should @Ethereal edit that you get these picture squares by pressing IG button, it’s just creating that .jpg instead of redirecting



Lol’d at not being mainstream. :sunglasses:


Mine hasn’t shown up yet, but it’ll be like 80% classic rock.


I’m at 74% :sunglasses:


@The.Hipster.Lemon, being true to the name.


Damn! You’re setting the mainstream for not being mainstream :sunglasses:




then again that’s probably just me being a weeb


Fucking taylor swift


God Damn! Besting us all.