Share the time when you just walked away from a game

Yes, most of the developers are now changing their business model. instead of focusing on the masses, they now try and milk their loyal fanbase. and that's because they know they have a minimal estimated base that will buy anything they'll throw at them, and with a smile on their face. so as far as pc and consoles go, i think they're trying to make more from hardcore fans than casual players.


Awesome game/ experience, and a real new take on a game experience.
Very frustrating at points, but worth trying.
Tip- avoid google, as some puzzles are intentionally obscure, and solving them will be much more rewarding if you step back/ re-attempt parts from earlier, as some need tools you haven't unlocked yet.

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Portal and Portal 2 as well... Didn't complete either without a few weeks break to think and come back

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Fallout 4. Played it for so long, have like 80 hours in it, my save is stuck with me inside a shed amd 3 legendary deathclaws fighting a tankbot and if I step out I die instantly. I never went in a building so I get set back like 4 hours.

World of Warcraft.
I played launch and my first month and that was it. The developers lied. They said it wouldn't be hard capped. They said no treadmill. They said it wouldn't be item based (yet uber purple shit). They said it wasn't going to be quest driven, yet camp the quest is a pastime.

WoW is a carebear shit tier MMO for children. It sucks.

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That is why I never played it.
Just because a thing is most popular and makes a kajillion dollars, that doesn't make it better

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You don't want to play on a PvE server?

says enough, sony sold planetside 2 looooong time ago.

They did, to whom?

Ace combat 4 or 5 on PS2, level where you had to take out the tanks with AA everywhere and an absurd amount of jets to fight off.

Never raged at a game more than that. Would try for hours and hours, then give up every few days or a week thinking that waiting between tries would help. Could never do it. Never played an Ace Combat game since then.

Prosiebensat and daybreak.
I don't know it changed a couple of times actually.

Seriously, f*** this man..

I think I may have walked away from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. And that hurts. A lot. I love the Deus Ex franchise.

It's been two or three months since I played it last. I just have no desire to, and I'm not sure why. I am pretty sure I am close to the end, too, which is frustrating.

Yeah... you're done.
Two or three months idle is my criteria for deletion. I buy a lot of games that I really want to check out, but I have no intention of even trying to finish, unless it hooks me, which is rare.

Deus Ex (the previous one) was one of those. I loved the environment but HATED the game play. I heard that the story was good, but I never got far enough for it to even start.

Haven't played WoW either. All my other friends though... and keep inviting me to play it. Honestly, DotA2 and WoW are the only two titles they spend most of their time on.

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When you are as old as me eventually you realize stuff like:
"Why didn't I like WoW? Oh yeah...because I have hated every other game that is even slightly like WoW. Stop buying that shit."

Then I bought The Witcher 3 last month and played it for 2 hours and will probably never play it again.
It's a great game, but I forgot I don't like that type of game.

console command yourvfefe a few mini-nukes and you should be fine

hits on xbox

@FaunCB if you're truly stuck, and you don't have any other choice, then these types of programs may be a solution. I definitely do not endorse this in any way (the program, everyone can cheat/edit their way through whatever game they want), but it may help you get back into the game.

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I feel like I don't like many games any more. I really want to but I feel like my heart isn't in it.