Shadow of war... the 'gift' no one asked for


hadnt seen that one, tend to watch joe more than jim :smiley:

really annoyed with this crap encroaching more and more into single player full price games.

it’s the kind of crap that makes me want to stop playing games all together.

Simply don’t buy those games. The only pain companies know is financial.


If you are the type of person that feels like they have to buy and play this game yet still hate the business practices, here are two options for you:

  1. If you play on console, buy the game used or rent it. You would not be giving money to the developers and publishers and they hate the second hand market. Problem with this method is that it requires people to buy the game full price in order to sell it.

  2. On PC, if you have a virtue called patience, wait until the game goes on a deep sale and then buy it. I don’t recommend buying from grey key sellers like Kingwin or G2A because you are more likely giving money to theives who acquired the keys illegitimately.

Despite that, in honesty, just go play a different game made by a developer/publisher that values the consumer as a human being.


I usually avoid Microtransaction games mostly, have played DC Universe Online, never paid for anything and pretty much lost interest there now.

Although now I am in a dilemma with Brawlhalla, that game was actually fun for a fighting game but dammit, too much is locked behind a small paywall, honestly I feel like they should have just charged $20 upfront rather than $20 to unlock characters and some more for a bit of extra content.

Or “acquire” it through some “lega” P2P file sharing services.

I don’t necessarily support that but I also don’t necessarily condemn it either. It is an option that one could take if desired. Could be useful to “demo” a game before making a purchasing decision.

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I love the way Rocket League handles micro-transactions.

  1. It’s a cheap game, so cut them some slack.
  2. Many of the items are $2. I was resistant but I folded and bought 3 cars.
  3. Most of all -
    There is an option to turn off the micro-transactions so you will never even see them.

i can get behind stuff like this, Or like Blizzard and Overwatch, they gave you the characters but any skin its obtainable thru gaming, still you can inject money to try and get it, but it doesnt affect gameplay


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I am with Sterling on this. Any sort of rare item or even skin has always been a kind of status symbol in games, so it has value, regardless of function. And you can’t work your way towards what you want, so you have to rely on luck alone. You have to participate in this fucked up lottery. And it is a lottery. You have to invest time or money into it and for that you only get a chance of winning something you want.

That is not a reward system, that is gambling.