SFF gaming PC

Hi, I am looking to move some of my parts into a small form factor pc so that it is easier to transport to university. Note: I am from the UK.

I currently have the following parts which I can reuse:

i5 2500k, geid tranquillo heatsink, antec truepower modular 650w, 128GB SSD, 1TB 3.5" hard drive, 8GB RAM.

Cases I have considered: sg05, sg07, sg09, cooler master elite 130, fractal node 304, raven rvz01. But I am willing to consider others.

I am also looking to upgrade my GPU as my current one does not game well enough on my 1440p monitor.

I am considering the 770, 780, 280x and 290. The 770 and 280x are around  £230, but the 780 is  £30 more expensive than the  £330 290.

I was originally thinking of going with the 770 as there cards seem to run cooler than the 280x , and is also shorter so will in smaller cases.

I realised however that AMD is probably better value because I currently have free electricity and could make a lot of the cost back mining crypto currencies.

I would like the system to be as small as possible without limiting its power. I don't have a set budget, but like to get good value for money.

Any recommendations for parts appreciated.


Wow you found a 280X for £230? I'd snap that up as they're very hard to come buy at that price here in the UK. I couldn't find one of those so opted for a 760 which I've been very happy with. What res and settings are you aiming for? If you're going for a SFF a Mini GTX 760 would be pretty cool.

Don't limit yourself to the mini GTX760. Most SFF cases designed for gaming in mind have enough room to support full sized GPUs and more than adequate air flow as well. 


I have a 2560x1440 monitor and would like to play games at high without aa.