Setup upgrades and Ideas

hey friends,

I have a birthday coming up and have some extra money to play with. So what should I do to make my set up better?

Above is my set up, just a quick photo of what I am working with, Cable management is on the way already, just finished hanging the TV yesterday. What else dose the set up need? below is the hardware and all the stuff on the desk. I know it looks junkie and is pretty ugly, looking for suggestions on what to do to move it forward.

What should I change out? I am thinking about an ultra wide to replace 2 of my monitors, I am also l;ooking for suggestions on hardware and changes. The desk legs and under side are going to be painted black soon and a light will be huge above my desk soon, currently remodeling my house.

Thanks. Feel free to post your own set up for inspiration and give me any and all suggestions even if it is just straight hate, please just explain your self if you do not mind.

EDIT: I know the tv is placed oddly and yes it is hard to use from desk, I am thinking of moving the PC to other side of the room. My bed is directly behind my desk so the TV is mostly for using from my bed.

PC hardware:

CPU: i7-4790k
GPU: evga 970 FTW
MOBA: msi gaming 5 z97
RAM: corsair vengeance 24GB
PSU: evga 600W
drives: 240GB crucial ssd. 256gb crucial ssd and 1tb WD blue
Cooling: corsair h100i

Monitors/displays (left to right):

HP pavilion 23cw
2x Acer R240HY (
asus vx248h (
last display on top is a: 55-inch TV by TCL (

On desk (everything else)

Headphones: ATH-m50x gray ( did not see gray on amazon
speakers: logitech Z506 (
Mouse: logitech G502 (
Mouse pad: corsair POLARIS (
Keyboard: corsair K95 RGB (
Mic: blue snowball ICE (

PS4 between the center monitors.

Thanks for any help or ideas. :slight_smile:

Buy a cable managment rack for the back of your desk

and a vacuum

and maybe an allen wrench and fluid level to get that tv square with the rest of the room.

Oh, and maybe some drywall screws to mount that dart board

and a dust cloth to clean the handprints off of your TV

maybe an ergonomic lumbar support/cushion for that busted ass chair too.

Oh, and definitely, definitely get a dustbin


So clean the fuck up? Alright maybe I should have done that first, like the cushion idea do need that, have dust bin behind me. Maybe I should learn how to work it.

That's not a desk, that's a table.

Get a proper ergonomic desk with a few drawers on the side. The wood under the keyboard area of your new desk should be thin and close to your knees. But you are going to also need a new chair to figure out where your knees will be.


Treat yourself and your things how you would want others to treat them. Happy Birthday.

Alright good point, any recommendations for a desk and chair? only have $300 to work with at the moment. Have a "proper" desk, issue is it does not fit between door and window. Picked up table I am using from a goodwill for I think $10.

Noted Do need to take better care of things. And thanks.

A couple gallons of white paint

Ah purple is staying, at least for now, but thanks for the input will consider it.

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IKEA and Overstock dot com.
I was in IKEA last week and saw quite a few nice little inexpensive computer desks.
I bought my chair from Overstock as my Xmas gift to myself. It was about $180 on sale.

MIght have some deals on prime day too

Alright, do not have an IKEA near me will check out online look for ideas thanks for suggestion on desk and chair.

Thanks for the reminder I will look there then too.

Is the TV to much dose it look just bad? I am mixed about it I do have another desk in another part pf my room.

IF you use the TV keep it, I dont know how you like to manage your own workflow.