Setup dual monitor wuth GTX 980ti

So I have an old 42 inch 768p TV. I want to use it for like a second screen while I'm gaming so I can go on the internet or something. it doesn't connect with DVI. but I have a DVI to VGA, and that VGA leads to a HDMI cable. is it possible?

Nope, you'd need some kind of active converter box to go from analog to digital

But I'll assume the TV has an HDMI in then right? Just get a dvi->hdmi or display port->hdmi

oh okay :P ill buy a dvi to hdmi adapter.

like I tried it. and it detects the tv but it shows nothing

You tried VGA to HDMI?

This is strange. So you're wanting to connect dvi from your gpu, to a vga adapter to a hdmi adapter, then to your tv?

yes lol

Then why not just do dvi to hdmi? xD

Because I don't have a dvi to hdmi conector :P

Buy one. They're affordable. lol

There's your problem @DemonLordCIPHER lol

Let's go from digital adapter to analog back to digital and cross our fingers.

Does your TV not a a (PC) VGA in?

it does but I cant find a VGA cable lol