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Setting Windows 10 to show setup again

I flip computers on the side and I want to set up PCs to show the setup process, but also make sure the computer has the necessary software installed. I know what I was is possible because I’ve done it before but can’t remember how. I just want the PC to show the setup steps after I’ve already installed the needed programs. Anyone know how to do it? Thank you guys in advance.

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Do you mean like OEM mode? havent got a scoobie… siz bud




Sysprep (Generalize) is what you’re probably looking for:

If the PC in question has any odd hardware, pay particular attention to the 3rd heading down about “Prevent Sysprep from removing installed devices”

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As these fine fellows said, Sysprep. With that said there is some value in setting up a system for the end user with a pre-made local account. For some users the Windows Setup screen can cause undue stress as well as they get funneled into creating a Microsoft Account. In my experience many people don’t want to have an all encompassing account which they have to log into - at the very least they just want the system to boot to the desktop (esp. if its like husband and wife at home and the computer doesn’t leave). The password function really isn’t an extra layer of security as we know we can enable the latent Administrator account or just view files from a usb install or whatever - as well as has little bearing on remote access. Office (erm Microsoft 365) 365 services can be installed and activated independent of the user profile.

Maybe you could offer setup as a extra billable service? User profile set-up, drivers and cumulative updates. Ask if they have preferences for local/MS, pass, etc. Use Ninite to quickly install things like runtimes, Chrome/Firefox, LibreOffice, Malwarebytes, etc. Little effort on your end but a big help for the end user.

Just a thought.