Setting up remote access on plex

Hey Guys,

So I finally figured how the internet works (I think) at my new apartment. There is a company called ETS ( that provides the networking hardware for the building. They broadcast a wireless signal for everyone in the complex to use via repeaters. To run devices in my room better I purchased a TP-Link access point put it in client mode, hooked it up to my router to broadcast my own network. The issue I am having now is that I want to setup remote access on my plex media server. When I try to i get the error "not available outside your network." I have already tried port forwarding using my router, but still no luck. Is there anyway that I can make this work?

Thank you

By remote access, I presume you mean outside of the building (aka somewhere else on the planet).
This is going to be an issue as technically your machine is within a private network on a private network. So allowing port forwarding from your router will only allow the upper private network to access it. You would need additional port forwarding rules within the main gateway devices of the building.

Quick Q to verify this. What IP range does your router see as its WAN IP? Is it within a private range?

Also, in the next couple weeks I'm planning on building a nas using FreeNas. Would running OpenVPN in a jail allow me to access the files from anywhere?

You clearly did not read any of my previous post. I can not tell you if it would work as it sounds like you are on a private network within a private network.

In which case you may have a double firewall issue. Meaning no remote access would be possible without the cooperation of the people who run the network you are connected with.

To get openVPN to work you would need a site to site based connection to allow full access around the firewall. As many VPN don't run this type of service, you would need a rental server or VPS to setup as the other end of the VPN tunnel.

@zanginator sorry I thought that I had submitted two replies to your first response, I guess the one did not go through or post correctly. Yeah you are correct with what I want to do in regards to having access to it outside of the building. The IP range that I currently see from my router in in the private range starts with 192.

Okay, what would I have to ask the people running the network for? And how likely am I that they would be willing to help me out?

Is there by chance an article that you know of that explains how to setup the "site to site" based connection?

Thank you, sorry for the confusion =]

Do you have a plex account? It is free and required for remote streaming.

That's alright. Well you can check the provider firewall.

Open a port to test and use an external port checker tool to see if there is a double firewall issue.

If there is, then you will need to find out what ports you require and ask them to possibly open the ports directed towards your routers IP. If they ask for a reason I would, say for work purposes.

Alternatively you could try a remote site tunnel connection for a VPS. However this will cost you.