Setting up a PC with Ubuntu

I'm setting up a PC for someone and I can't find the GPU drivers. He is using an AMD 4330, he is planning on building a new PC soon, but he will have to use the one he is using right now. I can't find a repository for GPU drivers, anyone that can help?

Ubuntu actually comes prefitted with the open source variant of radeon drivers.

For the open source Radeon driver look at this article:
For the AMD properitary binary blob driver look here:

The community articles should actually answer most questions regarding that topic =)


I'll try that, but I messed up the computer trying one of the methods. Not one of the ones from you

DOn't bother with the proprietary drivers. They are terrible and the open source ones will do way better.

Well if you already messed it up, and your still learning... I would suggest a fresh start.

nods just mentioned them, as despite what we might think of them.. they exist

I'm not learning the basics but I'm not learning the very advanced things, but none the less I am still learning. I was being an idiot, the computer is so old that it does not have USB 2.0 so I have to bring the hdd to my house and install the OS using my computer. I'd personally prefer the open source ones. I use open source ones on my main PC, it woulds great for me, but I use nvidia.

I broke it because I selected something that said that it was broken, I saw that it was broken after I clicked it like an idiot.