Service/Replace Mionix Naos 7000 Mouse Wheel

I have a Mionix Naos 7000 mouse, with a defective mouse wheel. It is really stiff at one point in the cycle. The issue seems to come and go, ever since I got it. It is now out of warranty.

I figured that I would try servicing the mouse wheel. As it may just be something jammed in the wheel. However I have found little documentation on how to do so, bar these photos (below).

I have tried pulling it apart, to no avail. I would need something very thin to pry it open; if that is even how it is disassembled. I don't want to break it.

I paid a lot of money for this mouse, and really like it. If I were to buy another mouse, I would get the same one. I don't want to have to do that.

Has anyone here had much experience with tearing-down mice? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Want another XD ? Think mines the optical one (3200).

Try blowing compressed air through it and dabbing Isopropyl alcohol along the wheel in small quantities while spinning it.

Depending on how the top and bottom assemblies were adhered, opening it may permanently damage the unit, but it's possible that using a Shiv or razor blade you could open it.

I've used a razor blade to cut hard plastic open along solid joints then closed it back up with Super Glue or epoxy, but that's not for the faint of heart.

@Big_Al_Tech Thank you for the offer. I'm good for the moment, thanks. If I can't fix it though, it may be worth looking out for a cheap used Mionix mouse with the same wheel. Mionix don't sell spare parts, or do repairs. Once I figure out how to open up this bad boy without breaking it.

@blaxa Thank you for the advice. I think it does open up, as shown in the pictures. I just don't want to snap anything in the process.

Compressed air may work, but I would say it is a long-shot. I do need a can anyway. Good suggestion. Isopropyl alcohol is a degreaser though. Which may fuck the wheel.

I did actually try to return it within the warranty. However Amazon told me they couldn't do anything and to contact the manufacturer, and Mionix told me to contact the retailer. Which left me in a bit of a catch 22.

Okay I thought I would finish this thread off for closure and future reference.

After unsuccessfully trying to break open the mouse, I located four screws underneath the feet-pads. Unscrewing these screws allows the mouse to come apart. I ended up completely taking the mouse apart, for fun. The only issue I could find with the mouse wheel was that the rubber ring-grip wasn't a tight fit around the wheel itself, which resulted in a little bit being raised. In turn this was rubbing against the outer-shell of the mouse, as there is not much space separating them. Filing down the outer-shell around the mouse wheel fixed the problem.


Ah, the old "Hide the screws underneath tiny rubber stickey pads" trick.

I'm impressed you fixed it without snapping any pieces of rubber off accidentally.

I'll be honest with you, Blaxa. When trying to pry it open, I really messed up around the edges. Although I sanded them down, the damage is still noticeable.

sounds like the same issule I had with my castor.

Mionix has crap QC, (also had 2 defective Naos 7000s...)

Off the bat, I knew the mouse wheel was inferior to my other Steel Series Diablo mouse, which was less than half the price. It just didn't feel as solid, durable, or nice. Not to mention the fact that it was defective.

I also had to send my first Naos 7000 back. As when it arrived the packet of silica had split open during transit, so there was white powder everywhere (inside the manual (somehow), outside of the box). To be honest, the box was fucked up when i got it. Scratches all over it, scuffed edges. I thought it was second-hand. The replacement wasn't much better. Bought it from Amazon UK.

Mionix has great shit when its good, like my avior 7000, no problems, love it.

but the other mice have had issues, I keep buying them since they're so comfortable in myhand.

But buyer bewarned with them.

Starting to consider doing this myself. Naos 7k owner here as well, and I’m wishing I had sent it in under warranty. It didn’t take long before it would sporadically have trouble tracking in certain spots on the screen, or maybe on the pad…I forget as it does it less with my new zowie pad(old pad was a real old Func 1030 “original”). It was definitely the mouse though, as unplugging and plugging back in fixed it every time. Now it would seem that middle mouse click is dying, and only wants to click maybe 65% of the time give or take. It’s too bad as now that func sold their souls, they’re the only one with this style of mouse other than the DM2 comfy which appears to be a clone(not sure who did it first).

Also sorry for the necrobump.

If you do decide to take it apart, I would recommend warming up the feet before pealing them off (screws are located under). As removing them at room temperature will probably damage them. They become warped, and won’t go back on properly. Replacements are around £8.

Actually found a youtube video of a guy who seems to have done videos of disassembling many different mice, and it looks as though he just uses lighter fluid. Even had a video of the castor, no Naos video though. That said, of course that will make the glue rather useless…not that it would work great after anyways. But it makes sense, I use it all the time to clean my knife, which more often is gunked up with adhesive from tape, and it works great.