Server rails

I have a dell R610 that I am looking to co locate in a data center how ever they only support 60cm wide servers and my R610 is 48cm wide with the rails. Is it possible to get some adapters or use a 1u server shelf instead ? I did some googling but cannot seem to find any. Any input would be very helpful thanks.

I know they exist we have em in our DC for certain network devices and patch panels in our MDFs no clue on who we get them from,

but a quick google for 60 cm to 48cm rack adapter i found these:

also try and these are Rack manufacturers they may be some help depending on what brand the DC uses either way if you find the part you need it will work in any other rack and the mounting method is standard across the board.


Hope this helps.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure what a 60cm server would be. All standard racks are 19" wide afaik - I've never seen any equipment that differs from this spec.

Do you have an example of a manufacturer that makes 60cm racks or 60cm servers?

I'm staring at some 60cm racks right now and they are by chattsworth also they are bolted to the floor and ceiling and only seen here in the (IDFs and MDFs), note these are 2 post racks not 4 post and on the website it specifies they are available in 19", 23" or 32" widths , i think there's a few standards but generally for servers + network gear the standard is 48cm across the board.

also a little update about the brackets, we have network gear in the 60cm racks thats 48cm and all the brackets we had to make ourselves or get made it's probably quicker and cheaper that way for us.

What kind of equipment do you put in these wider racks? Blade-type enclosures? Large stacked switches? Do they make U servers that are wider than 19"?

Genuinely curious.

TBH everything in em so far is 19" with special brackets as i said above. I'd assume they are for large copper Patch panels (which very few would be installed if any at all) nothing else i can see going in there thats that big ,but im not a deployment tech. I'm going to assume they were installed at a time when copper was on its way out just incase but its all fiber now . 


It's for older gear mainly. Many of the modern racks that have sides are actually that wide (take this TL for example which is what we run), but you move the sides in to fit modern servers. When I used to work in VSAT all of our satellite gear was full width. Now days outside of telco I have no idea what's that wide. We use the extra space for cable management in our racks.