Server MOBO in a 750D ATX tower?

I have 2 servers laying around doing nothing atm. I want to try install one in my Corsair 750D (like Wendell did in a recent TekHardware vid). Can anyone tell me if a server mobo would fit in a case like that? Without having to drag the giant server case out of my garage and into my office and then having to remove the motherboard/everything attached to it in order to do a test fit.

It is a pretty big case, I just don't know for sure whether it has the right mounting holes for all of the screws I would need.

Just bolt it to your wall

otherwise anything is possible with a dremel tool

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I'd like to avoid drilling if I can. I know I can make it fit by drilling new holes. I'm just wondering if I have to drill the holes or if there is a chance it might be compatible already.____

So like why not just grab it and do a test fit? that's probably the fastest way to figure it all out

Because it's in my garage behind a bunch of stuff. I was hoping someone would know and I wouldn't have to go to the trouble (I'm lazy). I'll probably just have to do that though some night this week when I get time.