Server build

Me and my friends play modded minecraft and have a TS server. We want to get a pc that can host these. Goal lots of ram and processing power. We would like to stay with intel. The price range is $700 max

Going to assume US, and hardware only.

Not the most knowledgeable with servers, so some help from other members will be nice.

honestly all you'll need, PSU is qualtiy, affordable, and quiet, nice sub if your PSU ever dies

SSD for speed, low latency, low power and you really don't need a whole lot of space for JUST a minecraft server

ADATA does have a 256GB one for 99$ but I honestly doubt you'd use up even half of the 128GB

The i3 is actually probably enough, since Java is terribly threaded.

Buy one of those.

gotta be a bit more specific, "server" could mean dual socket pentium II with a whopping 2GB of ram, can't assume everyone in here knows what and what not to get, especially when they asking what exactly what to get

and even though ours turned out well he'd want something a little newer than 771, we get like 4  ticks when we  should get 20 on a modern system, servers are also loud,  and usually at least one of their dimenisions take up a huge amount of space, with using new and modern parts you'll get great performance, less footprint, less noise, comes with warrenties and not used with a reduced lifespan and if  their main rig goes down they have something to replace some of the parts with

if they were broke as a joke though, yeah its an excellent choice to buy used servers, but they got a 700 budget

we get like 4  ticks when we  should get 20 on a modern system

You know nothing about minecraft, or what the server runs at.

Me running over 400 advanced solar panels caused some weird memory leak and dropped the TPS, but since I cleaned that up, Ive been at a stable 20. Please know what you're talking about before you post, sir.

Also, a $700 server could run several minecraft servers at the same time, as well as be a beast gaming machine if you threw in a GPU. 

Like you wanted to do. Yourself.