Sensor dropouts - Gigabyte WRX80-SU8-IPMI - logging zero spin fans in IPMI

Tweaking my IPMI settings - have others noticed drop-outs on their fan sensors?

Zero chance the CPU fan will go to zero as I set the floor at 30% - have others had this fun yet? Running firmware 1.1.1 released Jun 28 2021. Same experience under the base F 1.0.1 fw.

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Thinking aloud… one thing I have noticed (and maybe others have too) is there are pauses when using the BIOS. The BIOS just stops responding for a few seconds and queues the keystrokes - you have to wait for it to seemingly wake up and then you can resume the work.

I think these IPMI sensor drop-outs are somehow related - maybe?

Or the BIOS or SIO chipset is buggy. I know I dealt with a bad BIOS/SIO chipset fan problem for over a year on my ASUS motherboards.

The motherboard fan outputs would just go dead sporadically leading to CPU overtemps and such. Took a year for ASUS to finally fix their BIOS.

In the end I gave up trusting the motherboard fan headers and moved all fans to an external fan controller. No issues since.

Is that a thing? If the BIOS is buggy would the machine boot?

Before I updated the BMC firmware to 1.13.0 I was getting lots of messages in the BMC screens about the chipset fan speed. I could see the fan spinning but the rpm’s reported would go from 0-2200 ( as I recall ). And the item would drop off of the list of sensors affter a few seconds.
After the firmware update, no errors. The CPU speed was also sensing 0 sometimes.

When I looked in HWinfo it showed more reasonable readings, off of the same sensors, even before the firmware update.

Where’d you find that fw?


Talking about the Gigabyte MOBO @markwoll

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Sure, the BIOS will boot. But it won’t handle reading the sensors correctly if programmed incorrectly with wrong device addresses or bus contentions. That was the garbage BIOS for the Crosshair VII Hero mobo for a year.

Gotcha - and that’s not something we as users can alter in the settings themselves?

While watching @wendell 's overview of this board, I didn’t notice the pauses when he was working with the BIOS. Perhaps he edited those out or it could be just my board?

No we can’t edit the firmware. Or at least a typical user without the BIOS editing software.

You have control over normal fan temp profiles and speed curves in the BIOS as usual. But if the fan interface in the BIOS can’t connect to the dodgy firmware, you are out of luck.

I logged my report with Gigabyte… we shall see… should I start holding my breath now?

If it was ASUS, I’d say no . . . or you would die of asphyxiation.

Heard back from Gigabyte today - they had a few clarification questions. At least it’s on their radar!


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