Senior Pranks

Did any of you at Tek Syndicate ever pull a senior prank while in high school, and if so what was it? 

I remember during the end of my freshman year, the seniors TP'd the whole school.  Some of the toilet paper still hangs from the trees today.  I know other senior classes that have put vaseline on the metal handrails, and other naughty stuff like that.

Well, when I became a senior, our class had MANY ideas for a senior prank.  We even had a group on facebook to brainstorm ideas, like switching whole classes (or even as far as going to a different school).  Unfortunately, our school (being really close to the top in the US) has very little funding, because apparently the money needs to go to the schools that "need it" for "better education".  As a result, the principal (who everyone loves - super chill and nice) kindly requested that if we were going to do a senior prank, we should refrain from damaging the school property.  So here's what we ended up doing something a little bit different.

We made a plan, and the plan got leaked to the principal, but only in the words that "There's going to be a flood".  During our graduation speech, he touched upon this, and told us that he was constantly wondering what the flood would be?  Would the seniors flood the school?

The next morning when he woke, there were a couple hundred e-mails from the senior class, all sitting in his inbox.  We essentially spammed the principal, but not with hate words, but with thanks for everything he'd done.  He told us that he's never seen anyone do anything like this before, and that he was overwhelmed and happy and absolutely was proud of my class, the class of 2014.

So although not naughty or anything, I hope you enjoyed what our class did.


over my high school years there were many end of year pranks, one was picking up a teacher car and moving it in front of the main door thus causing in convenience,

the fish incident where to guy during lucnh went to the super market and bought 2 full salmon then came in and had started slapping people with them,  then placing the fish on top of the ceiling tiles thus creating a horrid stench for 2 weeks.

There were the guys that ran through the school wearing nothing but thongs and masks of the vice principle and principle (they were expelled and had to sit their state exams in another school.

our pranks were we built 2 forts out of the locker units and bag racks and had a shaving foam war. also raid a united raid of the 1st year social area (junior area) with buckets of yogurt. then we dyed all the lab coats and metal and woodwork coats pink. and the guy that promised us that he would release 5 pigs into the school didnt come through with his promise and was stuffed into a hollowed out locker unit , by noon we were told to leave and return for exams