Sending out some prayers to Level1Tech and our Kentucky Families

To all of the Friends and Family of those affected by the TERRIBLE TORNADOS that ripped through Kentucky the other night, I wanted to send out prayers to help heal and guide anyone that is going through tough times right now.
I know that OUR THREE FAVORITE TALKIONG HEAD NERDS hail from the beautiful lands of Kentucky and that is where this beast of a weather system struck. Although I’m not exactly sure where in the state they live or even what portion of the state the tornados hit, I figure they may have Friends and/or Family that may have been affected by this tragedy.
I will be praying for the HEALING and COMFORT of ALL of the people that are touched by this disaster, NOT just the people here - ANYONE
And so I encourage you to just send out your well-wishes and positive intents quietly on your own time, OR you can write a short message in hopes that our ones and zero saved to silicon just might be understood by any higher entity that can help these people better their situation. Who knows how the universe really works - maybe the computer the matrix is running will beale to see our coding and change the matrix just for us… let us know if you see any repeating cats.
… let us know if you see any reapeating cats.
, let us know if you see any reepeeting cats.
… let us know if you see any repeating cats.
… lets us know (ok this is dumb and you get the point already… I hope)
…I hope)
…I hope)

I’m thinking of you all and praying :confused:


When i saw this on the news from the other side of the world i immediately through of the L1 gang. Hopefully they and thier families/friends and everybody else is doing okay.


Best wishes for them from me as well.

All 3 of them seem to have basements per comments on the YouTube. That is 90% of the battle.