Selling some stuff. Need money ASAP. H100i x2, Asus transformer, HDDs, 980ti bracket

Hey guys. I just hit a snag in my life and I need money ASAP. I don't have much to sell anymore, so here's hoping.

I wanna see if anyone would be willing to buy all of this stuff for $200 plus you pay shipping. I know that's a lot of money, but I'm desperate. I don't really have anyone else to turn to, and i'm the sole provider in my household.

2x Corsair H100i Has the top bracket, but i can't find the back plate mounting bracket. They both work.

Asus Transformer t100. I am able to get it to turn on after playing with the battery a little, but I can't get it to install the wifi driver or any other driver for that matter. May require some fiddling techniques to get it to turn on, since it hasn't been charged in a while. The charger is included.

980ti Corsair HG10. Everything is in the box, i think. This is just the bracket, not the GPU.

Two mechanical HDDs 320GB 2.5inch, 250GB 3.5 inch.

Hyperkin NES gaming thing. And old PS1 slim.

Telescopic pen keychain.

clock frame

Thank you, guys.

I'll try my best to pack it as safely as possible.