Selling macbook air mid 2012

hi i would like to sell my macbook air  for around $700 the lowest i would probably go is $650 business will be done through paypal only


how do i send you pics of the macbook air

Post them in the original topic. Upload them to imgur, and include the links or pictures themselves.

Have your username and the date on a piece of paper next to the product in the picture to prove it's yours.

^What he said.

i sent the pics to you

Got them.

Now for validation purposes, do you mind following brennanriddell's instructions?

Also a pic with it turned on and maybe the charger cable? Any scratches or other signs of wear?

i just sent you more pics of the macbook air and i have my username with the product to prove that it is mine

Legit as Fuck.

All I can offer is $500.

i will take $500 for it

do you live in CA by any chance?

no but i take paypal

:/ where do you live? If you don't mind me asking...

i live in washington

can you use paypal

I don't know about making personal payments of that quantity via paypal.

I was looking for something local, or perhaps via ebay where the transactions are protected.

I'm sorry but I treat buying from people like making a drug deal lol

okay thanks for your interest