Selena, just ask me out already

Every time I Google a female that's remotely attractive a picture of Selena Gomez gets thrown in the mix. Did Selena's people hire the SEO master? Is she cyber-stalking me and replacing what I should see? I appreciate that you just want to look good for me but sometimes I need to window shop. Nothin' personal babe.

Her and Jennifer Lawrence keep stalking me too...

Wouldn't that be cool if that's what was really going on? (Ignoring all the creepy stuff.) I have the same few videos chasing me around and YouTube also. Apparently I absolutely MUST WATCH this a second time.

Oh and the other day youtube suggested the NFL channel to me. For how nosey google, youtube, and etc are they sure don't know shit about me.

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Maybe you should try to Google for some more exotic beauties from other countries and hope that she doesen't get thrown in the mix again. A nice experiment would be do the same researches using a VPN to see if Google is using collected data from different countries to change slightly the researches by images.