Selecting the right KVM + adapters/cables I'd need

Hi folks,

I’m looking to get a KVM to make use of my personal desktop setup when WFH, standard use case stuff. The L1KVMs seem to be the best quality stuff I’ve found, but I’m struggling to figure out which model I should buy and would appreciate some help.

Current setup:

  • 2x LG 27GL850: 1440p, 144Hz
  • Corsair keyboard
  • Roccat mouse
    (KB/M are replaceable if they prove problematic)

PC 1:

  • Windows/Linux dual boot
  • RX 5700 XT
  • NO USB-C connections

PC 2 would alternate between:

  • Mix of laptops, all with PD Usb-c/Thunderbolt. Windows/Linux
  • Steam deck

These things are pricey, so I’m thinking of spending the extra <10% to get something slightly future proof for screen upgrades (e.g. more monitors, 4k etc). I will also eventually upgrade PC 1, so that might have a USB-C connection in the future. I don’t forsee a need for a 3rd+ input device connected at the same time.

Its okay if the connection to PC 1 is more complex with adapters and such, as that is the static setup. The PC 2 connection would ideally be as simple as possible (1 USB-C cable?) to ease the use of that less regular connection.

I was originally thinking of getting the “Combo KVM Triple Monitor”, but am wondering if one of the “DP 1.4 KVM” options would be better for me. I’ve got a bit stuck wading through the details to choose between the two types.

Can anyone provide some thoughts on which type is likely the best fit for me, and any other things it would be good for me to consider in this setup?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hii sorry for the late reply. We’ve changed the forum around so I can actually see when we get questions!

For 2x 1440p monitors, this will be fine. however the more monitors you add to a USBC connection, the more bandwidth you take up. I wouldn’t use more than 2 monitors per USBC connection. Even with 2, for instance, you are limited to 4k/60hz, rather than all the bandwidth for 1 monitor.

If you want to use 1x USBC cable with 2 monitors/easily swap out laptops, I’d recommend getting a thunderbolt dock + displayport KVM.

I just recently commented on another post, so I’m going to link it here for you to see my illustration: