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I am looking to upgrade my current NAS solution to a more easily manageable one. I currently use a consumer-grade ATX board with no SATA or RAID controller, in a (very cheap) standard ATX case with TrueNAS core. I currently have 4x2TB 3.5" HDDs and would like to have the flexibility to use either 2.5" OR 3.5" drives, have it rack-mountable, iscsi compatible, and preferably I can pick up used for less than $400-$500.

After much googling, there are a number of good-looking options, but I was hoping to get some recommendations from people who own/use the equipment. Cheers!

Are you looking for a turnkey solution? Or to build something custom?

I don’t mind either. I am very comfortable building custom, and would probably prefer it if I can save a few bucks.

I use synology. Had one at home for years, use a RS2416RP+ at work.

I can’t recommend them enough - if you can find it in your price bracket.

The RSV-L4500 from Rosewill is a super popular case for a DIY NAS. It takes all standard size components. You can toss 15 drives in it out of the box and use pretty much any hardware you want in it.

From there, it’s really up to you and your needs for a CPU/motherboard/RAM combo. You can get an LSI HBA to connect the drives. Or maybe the motherboard you choose will have enough onboard ports for now.

Your iSCSI compatibility comes down to software. Stick with TrueNAS if that’s what you’re comfortable with.

If you’re running TrueNAS core already, the easiest bit will be to add an LSI 9211-8i for your drives and to get a case like the above linked RSV-L4500. The older RSV-L4412 is more expensive but has a hotplug backplane.

Synology makes a very good product if you’re not interested in fiddling with anything. ActiveBackupforBusiness package is absolutely fantastic

Are you looking for drives being hot-swap friendly, or just shoveling them in and be done?
How many hard drives [3.5/2.5 alike], do you forecast supporting down the line?

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