Sekonic l308s light meter at night

Hi, so I REALLY need help. I'm doing night photography on my Minolta x-700 film camera for a assignment. I'm using 400 ISO film and I'm doing night photography. The built in light meter isn't accurate at night (so I've heard) so my friend is letting me use his sekonic l308s hand held light meter. Is it accurate at night and if not how can i do night photography accuretly ? I'm doing car light streaks, steel wool light painting, silhouettes, and a ghost effect.

so I have one of those for greenscreen work and its not the most accurate Sekonic out there it should put you with in .5 fstops of ideal for your settings.

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I'm already doing bracketing so do you believe that should account for it not being completely accurate?

Do you know for sure if either light meter is off?
If you have time you should run a test roll, maybe half with the built in meter and half with the Sekonic.
If you don't have time, take a digital camera and use that as a preview.
What film stock are you shooting with? Film has a lot of latitude, so even if you under/over expose you can recover a lot of detail after the fact.

Yes it should account for it.

Do you have to use film?

Ya, it's a requirement for my photography assignment

It ends up the handheld won't even detect light at night so I just went off my night photography guild but I don't think it's perfect even with bracketing. I was going to bring a digital but couldn't get my hands on one. Surprisingly a light meter app I got could detect at night but I didn't trust it so I'll test it later once I have digital camera. Once I have the money I'm going to get a Fuji x-e1 and that will be a great camera to have and use to test camera setting so I don't waste film. I only know that it's 400 ISO film. My teacher buys film in 100ft rolls and rolls his own film.