Segfault when switching between windows in Fedora 25 (Gnome)

I noticed that gnome-shell terminates due to a segmentation fault when switching between windows using Alt+Tab. Apparently this has already been reported as a bug to Red Hat's bug tracker, but not fixed yet.

Did anyone using Fedora with Gnome 3 notice this behavior too or was able to reproduce it?
Is there maybe a way to fix this before a fix comes out?

kernel: gnome-shell: segfault at 8 ip [...] sp [...] error 4 in

I don't have it. I haven't tried in a session though, only on Wayland.
I do have DefaultWayland disabled, so that I can select in gdm if I would need it. Gdm launches on Wayland anyway though.
I had a nasty bug yesterdag on KDE in Fc25, it killed X pretty much, but then again not, it was strange. I filed it but didn't put any more work in it because I needed the system, so I switched to Gnome Shell.

From what I can tell from the login options, I am running Gnome on Wayland too, basically the default (first) option that the standard Fedora 25 ships with.