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Seeking recommendations for FOSS Software Defined Networking Products


Hello network wizards of Level1 -

Can anyone recommend a software define networking solution which can do VXLANs or GENEVE tunnels?

Basically, is there a FOSS alternative to VMWare NSX-T?

Most respectfully,




Open vSwitch?



OpenFlow ftw



That’s just a protocol? Anything Foss it runs on except open vSwitch?



I’ll have to give this another shot. I’ve prototyped SDN network bridging with open vswitch, but I though there was something “magical” about vxlan bridging.

Turns out it’s just a tunnel interface on a vm for the most part.

I still got a lot to learn about SDN.

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SDN is a very ambiguous term. It’s appropriate to use the “nail jello to a wall” metaphor trying to get a precise definition.

VXLAN is basically tunneling Ethernet frames over UDP. It has also been paired with EVPN acting as a control plane to improve MAC learning by propagating it via BGP. This is a significant improvement over the “flood and learn” method when you get into larger networks. FRR has support for EVPN and can be used with VXLAN on Linux, here is a post I found with some information.



That is very helpful!


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Yeah, I think I replied to cotton when I meant to reply to you. OpenvSwitch running on OpenFlow ftw lol. :wink:

Thanks for making me look stupid


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