Seeking NAS Storage Pool Config Advice

I’m looking for some guidance on how to setup my NAS build - as I have no experience with most of these things to know which will deliver the best performance for my use case. Long post ahead, your input is appreciated.

Use Cases

Desired uses for this NAS.

  1. ML share to host various models (~6gb files) & datasets that can saturate a 10g nic
  2. Database share to serve [[PostgreSQL]] database(s) for [[Services|Containers]] that can saturate a 2.5g nic
  3. Can one DB server other containers? Would I need multiple [[PostgreSQL]] instances or can I use one?
  4. Data shares to serve…
  5. Files for [[NextCloud]] container
  6. Media for [[Jeffylin|Jellyfin]] container
  7. [[:hammer_and_pick:Backups]]
  8. NVR Datastore, I would like to process my security footage with AI using Frigate - which I believe is a different use scenario from a share which is strictly for NVR storage. Would using a dedicated NVR share and “video being processed by AI” share be a better config for any reason?
  9. All of the above simultaneously, ideally bottlenecked by nic speeds - because of course I want everything.

Available Hardware
Mobo: AsRock X570 Creator
CPU: 4600G
RAM: as much as will fit in 4 slots in (insert = today.year()
+1 open nvme slot on mobo


  1. 2x Solidigm P41 Plus 512GB M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 NVMe Gen4
  2. 2x Silicon Power 2TB UD90 NVMe 4.0 Gen4
  3. 3x 18tb Sata HDD’s

:question:Desired Outcomes

  1. I’d like to know how to organize my devices / pools to achieve as many of the above use cases as possible, and am looking for recommendations.
  2. Are there any TrueNAS features that I would miss with Houston?
  3. I’d like to use Ubuntu 20 + Houston to manage this device since I do not use the additional features on my current TrueNAS setup and the access permissions there are an enigma to me.
  4. The purpose of this machine is purely to be a NAS, so I do not need most of the additional features in TrueNAS.
  5. How many of the available NVMe drives do I need to saturate a 10gbe nic for the Model / Dataset share?
  6. Idea: Stripe the 2x 2tb NVMe 4.0 drives for speed and backup the data in case of “boom”. (by pool, snapshot, rsync, carrier pidgeon, etc.)
  7. Which of my use cases / shares would benefit most from adding a SLOG and/or L2ARC device or are they unnecessary?
  8. I’d like to avoid purchasing more drives, but do need ssd’s for the database share?


  1. Copied and pasted from Obsidian, sorry for the random markdown.
  2. Using consumer hardware. Asrock X570 Creator w/ Ryzen 4600G, going to max the ram when I get the chance.

Bottleneck might be your network if it is not 10g already and if devices connecting to NAS are not supporting 10g.
You can use one DB to serve many containers. Some containers might require different versions of the same database so that might be an issue. In case of one database you’ll have a single point of failure for all of your containers.

Good points. I’ll spread out my db’s then