Seeking Audiophile Grade Headphone for FPS Gaming!

Hi ppl Of Tek Syndicate Forums

i Want To get an Open Audiophile Gaming Headset Soon [Maybe on Black-Friday!]

My Budget For The Headphones And The DAC/Amp [if Needed] is around ~270$

First of all My Mobo is : MSI Z87 G45 Gaming .. its got the AUDIOBOOST v1 Tech...

My Current Headset Is HyperX Cloud 1 .. its Fantastic ..But i want 2 move to open headphones For better audio In Competitive Games

Now For The options !


  1. Beyerdynamic DT990-Pro-250Ohms
  2. Audio Technica ATH-AD900X
  3. Audio Technica ATH-AD700X >>>Wanted 2 Buy these before i decided to jump here and ask u Guys !
  4. Sennheiser HD 598
  5. Sennheiser HD 558


  1. FiiO E10K
  2. AudioEngine D1
  3. SMSL SD793-II

And Again the Budget Is Around 275$ only !

Any Tips Suggestions Are welcomed !
*PS:I rly want to know the difference between
900x and the 700x..... From AT

wish u all a great Day !

Do you already a 144Hz display? Because that'll totally help you a bit more than high end audio

I Do ! also great PC And Great peripherals

only thing i am missing is Audio and And internet Connection
the second 1 cant be fixed unless i Live in another place ... and i will soon

I have these, so they have my vote, but I haven't heard the others. Can't say on the dac either, because I haven't used any of the ones you listed but I've heard good things from the D1 and Fiio.

I just got the ATH-AD900X off of ebay for like 130 bucks. Best purchase I have made in a while. You really can sense where shots or footsteps are coming from due to the soundstage being HUGE since they are open back headphones. The one thing that sucks is that since they are open back, you can hear outside noises fairly easily, so if you live in a noisy environment you may need to think about that. FPS games are great with these, as is music and movies. They are really conformable as well, so thats always a plus.

-Another thing to note is that i have not tried the other headphones youve listed, but I have heard that the Sennheiser are good, but nothing to go crazy about, and Ive heard great things about the Beyerdynamics, but havnt tried them myself.

-Last note: I heard that the bass is really lacking on the 700X's, thats why I went with the 900X's. The bass is the 900X's is perfect to me, not overpowering, but accurate and definitely noticeable. These are easily better sounding and more comfortable than the beats studios and Bose quietcomfort I own. So take what you will, but I am a huge fan of the 900X's for their directional audio, its absolutely immersive.

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Go on Massdrop right now and snag the AKG 7XX it’s basically a custom AKG 702 65th anniversary edition but for $100 off the normal asking price ($199)

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JVC HA-RX700 and the HA-RX900 are the super sleepers of closed cans!
I got mine for about 39.99 and I cannot tell the diffrence between my ATH-M50's and them through a Objective2.

HOW IS The SOUND Stage ??

And is rly have bad Mids?? cuz foot steps are in the mid/Treble range and its a bit important

i mentiond the dt990pros cuz they have good bass and they r open.. not like AT700X /bassless/
but i dont want lot of bass cuz it covers the mids and i heard that this is V Shaped Feq Res Curve.. so bad. mids??
and what amp/DAC U Use ??

i rly dont like AKGs
I just want from the options Listed above

and thnx 4 the advice !!

iam only into these models listed above

thnx 4 the Advice and info tho

The HD558s are... decent! Like better decent but not good enough for good. Even with glasses, no problems with the ear-pieces.

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The Mids are perfect in the 900X's to me. Its kind of a bright headphone, so treble and mids would stand out more than the lows and bass, but that doesnt mean that the base is being neglected at all. The soundstage is actually really amazing, you can definitely hear foosteps coming up behind you or you can hear that someone is just around the corner of a wall.

AKGs would actually be the best compromise between sound quality and sound stage.

If those are off the table, then the answer is the AD900x no contest.

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It's weird, alot of people say the 990's have too much bass, I think it's right where it should be. And the mids and highs are clear. As a matter of fact when I first got them I thought they had too much treble, but I got used to it pretty quickly.

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Thx For the Info Guys !

I'm happy with my AD900X's. They're a very loose fitting headphone but you can fix this if you want by using a rubber band to connect the wings together. They have a really nice soundstage which is nice to get me immersed in the game but as far as gaining a competitive advantage you'll always be limited by the quality of the positional audio in the game unfortunately. I'm pretty happy with them though. They're a little bright and crispy but not in an irritating way.

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What do U Guys Recommend for a DAC/AMP for the AT900X ?? /For Gaming Mainly/
cutting the headphones Money From The Budget
so around ~120$ for DAC/Amp

I know My Mobo Is Good For driving them For Good Audio Level its already doing well with My 60 Ohm Cloud
... But Does the Sound Stage /Directional Sound/ Is Affected By OnBoard Sound Chip and Can i get better Directional Sound With some kind of dac/amp or No difference from Mobo chip ???

I am not too sure if adding a DAC/AMP would do much for it. Mine seem to be perfect (volume and positional audio) just plugged in to the audio jack directly on the mobo behind the computer. Someone else may say different though. Id say use that saved money and get a gelntly used corsair K70 keyboard, theryre sweet. Or if you want a DAC/AMP, my friend uses a Sabre Dac 2 and swears that everything sounds better from it. I dont see a huge difference for the around $100 price, but im no serious audiophile.

k thnx
ill get the headphones if i feelt it needed more power ill buy a AMP/Combo

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No matter what you end up getting im sure you wont regret it.