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I hope someone here can help me here, based on this article



Pokerplayer is refunded 35K$ after it became appereant that someone had been able to see his screen while he was playing.



Now, how is this done but more important prevented....?

Firewalls, antivirus and antimalware are all good and what not, but if a person has access to your computer physically,  he can easily create exceptions in the firewall when he installs the malware.

Is there any way to see if someone has access to view your screen and keystrokes ?


Was probably a RAT. Just use common sense. Don't download anything shady. Dont install random website plugins, yadda yadda.


Yes no doubt, but if someone is at your house for whatever reason and gets access to your machine, he could install this ( i know its a worst case scenario but it does happen and it is a lot of money at stake)

So if that has happened whats the most user friendly way to find and remove it ?

A lot of rats are "FUD" or Fully undetectable by Antiviruses. Turning on a firewall and looking for suspicious connections would help. You would have to hunt it down yourself. 

There ARE removal tools for specific ones, though. Darkcomet, Blackshades, Cybergate, all have removal tools, but you would have to know which one was being run on you, or just use all of the uninstallers and hope that You got it. 

Look for extra "iexplore.exe" processes or extra "explorer.exe". "SVCHost" and "Winupdate" are also common processes for rats to pretend to be. 




Ty, makes a lot of sence!

Never heard the term "FUD" before but it makes sence, i assume it also includes Superantispyware/Malwarebytes/Adaware/spybot ect, that they will be completely undetecable by them as well ?

Most pokerplayers or at least 98% of them, will have no idea what to look for and they wont even know what the taskmanager is.

So they best way i would suppose was to hire someone to look through their machine, or reinstall it on a regular basis.

A lot of players have poker office's where they sit 5-15 people together, is there anyway to secure your PC when you leave it for 5-10 minuttes?

The Windows lockscreen is obviously useless, but is there anything you could recommend?


Thanks for all your help, really awesome! 

Thats, a crazy story, more so because I play poker

Yes, a FUD RAT or Trojan will not show up on any known A/V or Antispyware.

Im not familiar with any way to secure a PC for 5-10 minutes with no lockscreen. Just hang around, or have a friend watch it for you, I guess. 

Viewing another person's screen is remarkably easy if the "hacker" has direct access to your machine. Using a linux distro such as Kali/ Backtrack and using the social engineering toolkit and metasploit. You could be in the victim system in as little as 5 mins.

With the right knowledge the hacker could create a trojan etc that is completely invisible to AV/ anti malware software. Especially if its made to act/ look like a trusted "everyday" program.

The best way although Its probably not the most convenient solution, is to use a more secure OS such as openBSD or a security minded Linux distro, when playing poker. The joy of a linux distro is that you could use it on a live usb. No need to install anything and you could use it in a public place.


Not in a tournament setting. With strict rules and guidelines, they wouldnt allow you to do that.

Ah. Fair play..