Security Principals & Auth tokens

Hey Windows gurus.

Problem, two windows machines and they are not in domain. One has TIA MultiUser server and second one is Client, can i register client windows auth token/SID in server so i dont need to use “Sign in as another user” promt. “Sign in as another user” uses TIA MultiUser servers local users account.


Authentication between non-domain joined workstations has always been intentionally limited to justify the need for Windows Server. I’m not familiar with TIA MultiUser, but if it relies on Windows authentication you’re going to be stuck using password authentication. There may be 3rd party solutions that can do auth tokens, but under the hood they are still going to use Windows service accounts to accomplish it.

I think the easiest solution is to create dedicated user account on the “server”, set password never expires, and deny ‘log on locally’ through group policy. You can then cache those credentials on the client in Control Panel → Credentials Manager. That should hopefully bypass the authentication prompt you are getting.

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