Secure network storage options?

I currently use a few cloud storage options but I'm looking at trying not to use them. I guess I'm not happy storing my stuff on some corporate organisation's servers for them to snoop on!

So, what options are there if I want to build my own secure online storage? Ideally I want the same options I get with the cloud storage companies; encryption and access the files over the inter web. I know about RAID, which I will employ.

Thank you guys, and girls.

I really like my MyBookLive.  They offer exceptional performance at a WONDERFUL price.


You can access these via apps for your phone (they have one for all smartphones, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry).  As well as webbrowser access.  The transfer speeds over a 10/100 network is around 6-7MBps usign a ASUS RT-N53 router.  Plus you can make special folder shares on the device that require a password to access and everything.  For less than $200 I just cant imagine you will find a better and more pratical option.