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Second monitor + laptop monitor has black screen unless I plug in my eGPU after boot. May be the cause of my other VFIO issues


  • Kubuntu 18.04 LTS, Kernel 5.0
  • Dell XPS 8380
  • Razor Core X eGPU using AMD RX 580

I’ve been using my eGPU for gaming using DRI_PRIME for a while now and have tried to setup VFIO but I think this bug is preventing it from working for me. I’ve been able to get vfio-pci driver working for my eGPU audio but not video despite them being in the same IOMMU group and binding both. And I think this is because I’m forced to plug in my eGPU post-boot.

Both monitors work completely fine if I plug in the eGPU later but if it’s plugged in during the ~5 second boot sequence then both monitors will remain black. The second monitor is connected to my laptop via a USB hub rather than via eGPU which may be worthy of note.

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can you get us the dmesg of when both displays stay black?