Second Monitor Issue Linux & Windows

I have a dual monitor setup, and the secondary monitor is an HP S2331, dvi and vga connectors 1080p panel. Rencently it started giving me issues where coming out of powersave it would show on, operating system would think it was on, but just show black screen. Turning it off and waiting to turn it back on, or send to powersave, wake up, repeat would usually fix it. I changed the cable from dvi to hdmi to dvi to displayport, that helped some. I had been running either ubuntu or fedora on this machine, but tested on windows to see if it was video driver issue ( card is a Zotec 1070 Ti) and it does seem to work better under windows :frowning:

So Halp? Replace monitor or something else to try?

Some systems and GPUs do weird things with powersave, hibernate, and suspend wake up in GNU/Linux.

You can turn off powersave and avoid the issue all together. If you actually want to use this feature, you will need to give some more system details, like What both monitors are, how you have them connected, and what their refresh rates are.

Also, what Linux distro, display system (xorg, wayland), DE/WM, and what kernel you are running.

Ryzen 7 3700X on Gigbyte X570 Aorus Ultra
Zotac Nvidia 1070 Ti
Monitor 0 - Dell P2314h connected with Displayport cable
Monitor 1 - HP S2331 connected with DVI on monitor to DP on card

Started noticing issue 2 weeks ago now running fully updated Ubuntu 20.04.1 with their gnome version under X11.

Had same issues with fully updated Fedora 33 with both GNOME and KDE under X11. Same issue with Ubuntu 20.10 with their gnome version under X11. All of this is with Nvidia Driver, both 450 and 455 series.

Thank you.

Thanks for adding the information. Unfortunately, I do not use nVidia products. I would recommend trying Gnome with Wayland to see if it is just an xorg issue or if it is a hardware issue. Gnome support’s EGLStreams, which is nVidia’s preferred path to supporting Wayland.

If I am not mistaken, there are some known bugs in 455, but 450 should be fine.

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