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so i have decided to undertake a rather large order of fallowing the pcie passthrough guides and tutorials i have an x99 based rig so i don't have a integrated gpu which is fine although i don't wanna dish out the cash for a second gpu like a 390 or 390x is probbably what i would end up using anyway so i have a gtx980 that i plan on using for my pcie passthrough card i grabbed an old amd something or another out of an old dell that i put in my first pcie slot to run my display for the testing which if successful will be replaced by the 980 and then ill buy an amd card to passthrough anyway my uefi detects that i have the amd card in my first slot and launches using that card however once linux boots it starts using the nvidia card and acts like there is no amd card now i am using the linux mint installation that i had installed prior to starting this endevor and am planning to update the kernel to 4.1.2 but i gotta fix this graphical problem first i am not by any means a linux expert and dont really know a ton but i am determined to get this pcie passthrough to work if it kills me so any help on how to initialize or get my amd card to work would be much appriciated

ok so after reboot and updating the kernel to 4.1.2 the second card is definitely being used but once it gets past the encryption into the os it then returns to using the nvidia gpu possibly because there are no drivers or config for that card because i didnt have it in my system when i first installed linux mint but idk how to change all that if thats the case or if that even is the problem

I'm also having the same problem and have no idea how to fix it. I have tried blacklisting the drive but it still works.

I actually think it just doesn't know what to do cause sometimes I'll get both screens with two different desktops or one will initialize not the other it's weird but I don't really understand how to blacklist that specific driver

must black list the pci bus not the driver that the nvidia card is in. then you will have to hack the kvm to get it to think that its a quattro . nvida is not as easy as amd to get working with pass through. if you don't have a rough guide to follow look at wendells post on it it has links to guides and has the work around that you will need as well. some steps will be different because arch and mint are a bit different in how they work. for best results wait for kernel 4.2 to be fully released by the mint team. seeing as how the amd drivers are now fully baked into the kernel.

(personal expirence less hassle when you use 2 amd cards or 2 nvida cards that can use the same drivers.)

The question is how long will it be before mint has kernel 4.2 or even 4.1 support

Actually manjaro just released its new version supporting up through kernel 4.3r whatever revision we are on so yay

i mean manjaro and arch are pretty similar but it should work using two different cards as long as you do it right correct?
i mean if anything i would think using the same card would be worse in case you have to blacklist the driver

im 99% shure that you black list the slot and not the driver on all distros

I mean I'm not gonna say your wrong cause I really don't know but I am struggling to figure out what lines I need to add to the kernel for my system well I don't really even know how to add lines to the kernel but I'm determined to get this working no matter how many times I screw up

But what your saying makes sense

Yea I second getting 2 AMD or 2 nVidia cards. In my experience it is a bit of a fuck around with 2 different brands, although my boss successfully runs 5 screens off a Quadro and integrated graphics on an X99 board.

As @looming_hawk stated AMD driver support is now baked into the kernel, however only with certain cards! It needs to be a card with GCN1.2 or higher (I can't keep up with the codenames but I think that is Volcanic Islands, Tonga chip). That leaves you with the R9 295, the R9 380X you got your eye on, and newer.

Also, have you heard of paragraphs? They are pretty cool. You can use them to break up walls of text, making a post easier to read. You should give them a try sometime :)

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there are no integrated graphics on an X99 board

At all? I'm sure my boss has an X99 motherboard with HDMI and DP connections....

Not that I'm aware no

Oh ok. Why is that?

Because there is no gpu built into Intel's haswell-e cpus

Kinda like Xeons