Second and third monitor lag when my primary is set to 144 hz

Here is what my setup looks like:

This is along with a Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 stock settings.

Primary monitor: Dell S2716DG 2560x1440 TN 144hz G-sync

Secondary: Dell 1920x1200 IPS 60hz

Tertiary: ASUS 1920x1080 60hz TN

When I have the S2716 set to 60 hz there is no problem. But when I set the hz to 144 I immediately get a noticable lag on the second and third monitor, maybe around 100-200ms. I'm clueless why this would be the case. Any suggestions or theories would greatly appreciated.

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easy guess would be that having different refresh rates causes the nvida drive to shit its self. also possible that using different refresh rates and using more than two ports puts a strain on the IO of the card. and it cant decide which vsync to go with. having gsync as well probably complicates the mater even worse. there is a reason the rule of thumb is match your monitors if 1 is 144 all should be 144. if gsync is present all should have it. etc mixing and matching monitors is fine if you dont use the advance features and are able to OC the other monitors to the same refresh rates. i know its not much help but nvida does not do well with surround monitors or multi monitors of different varieties.

Thanks a lot for the reply. I've searched all over and it seems that this is something I'll need to deal with or just send back and stick with my old 60hz monitor.

I appreciate the writeup.

I have a old monitor running 60hz and my main running 120hz cant say I notice any issues across monitors, do you have the problem when running games? Are they running on a single screen? Or outside of gaming?

Try swapping the outputs around. Different arrangements might help.

I actually gave that a shot a few days ago, no change.

No issues when running games as far as I can tell. The FPS seems to be there and I don't notice any tearing as I shouldn't. It's really just the secondary monitors.

When I set it to 60hz all is well so your suggestion is probably spot on. It seems silly to get a second (or third) 144hz monitor just to make this go away. I may just scrap the whole thing and go back to my old setup.

yeah its just the price you have to pay when dealing with nvida and multi monitors that are different. AMD is a little better but not a whole lot. there are many small reasons that i dont like nvida for and a few minor issues i have with AMD. over all i can say that i prefer AMD GPU as it fills my needs best.

I was running Nvidia with 1 144Hz and 2 60hz no problem. I haven't read the thread so sorry if you are doing this. Only thing I did was run the 144Hz of Dual-Link DVI and the other 2 off Hdmi and DP(to passive Hdmi adapter)

EDIT: 980Ti if it matters