Seasonic SSR-650RM 650w psu with 2x hd 7950's (safe?)

Hello, everyone.

Currently I'm running the gaming rig on my profile.

(i5 2500k, asus maximus iv gene z, single hd 7950, 8gb ram, 1 hdd, 4 fans, 1 AIO closed loop.)

The i5 is stock at 3.7ghz since it's enough.


All of this is running on a seasonic psu in the title. You guys think it'll be safe to drop in another hd 7950? I found one for roughly $100.

Eh you probably will be able to get away with it, but I'd be alittle uncomfortable using two 7950s with a 650w PSU.

That's what im afraid of too. Im buying a wattage meter too to check the gaming load consumption. If it's too high, I guess I'll underclock and undervolt everything until i get a new psu.

Anyone else's input?

I ran two 7950s for a short while on my tx650. One was used and after being away from my computer for a couple weeks it wasn't working. So I doubt  that it was the power supply. When it was working though there aren't any problems. 

I think it would work. However, I'd  get a 750w as soon as possible. Also, it's worth noting than the 300 series should be coming out soon which will give you better performance with a single card. If you can wait, I would 

Alright thanks.

I'll go ahead and stick with the current PSU for a month or so, then I'll get a new one.

I'm not planing on upgrading to the r9 3XX until after it's launch to avoid paying a premium. Since I'm planning on doing that, I figured a $100 investment to slightly increase my gaming performance shouldn't hurt.

I'm actually doing a complete overhaul of the PC. Swapping in a Corsair carbide air 240, corsair h100i, corsair sp120 fans, and the second hd 7950. Later when I upgrade to the r9 3xx series, i'll upgrade my mobo and cpu with it.


EDIT: I found this video of someone doing a crisis 3 load test with two hd 7950's. He's running them on a seasonc 550w psu. This is making me wonder if 750w is actually necessary?

I had two 7950s a while ago, they draw ridiculous amounts of power, especially when overclocked. You should be fine with 750W. That's what I had.