Searching for quote from The TEK. Help please!

Hey guys,

A friend and I are working on a presentation on the NSA and why it's pure evil.
However, we want to counter the argument that ignorant people have: "I don't have to hide anything."
And if I remember correctly, Logan and Wendell once discussed this on The TEK and they had the perfect counter argument, but I can't remember what it is. It would take too long to watch all the episodes and we really need this argument.

Does anyone remeber what they said or do you know in what episode this topic was discussed, please let us know.

Many thanks!

I remember that discussion too. Logan was at his house, and I think it was a pretty recent episode. I would start with 0090, 0088, 0087. I'm pretty sure it was the most recent, and I don't think Qain was there, so 0092 and 0089 are out.

*wasn't the most recent.

Thanks! I'll start screening them.