Searching for fast booting / waking up after sleep laptop

Hey everyone,
i’m in need of extremely fast booting / waking up after hybernation laptop. Boot time and waking up time after i close it, is top most quality i need.
I will not use it for basically anything else than one single thing which is:

  • having 4-5 web browsers opened on pages like Google docs.
  • Teamviewer (or alternative software)
    No games, no random browsing, no movies, no music, nothing…
    Even operating system is not requirement. I’m open to Win 10, Linux dists, even, god forbid, MacOS (as long as they can run browsers and Teamviewer / alternate software).

Second quality i’m after is battery life. I need it to be as long as possible, and i need ability to extend it’s working cycle with battery banks as i will have 1-2 of those for sure.

For now i have tested Macbook pro 13" with SSD and it’s freakin fast. Friend just closes it, and it takes something that feels like a second to get to desktop (with all programs opened) when he opens it up.
I am not Mac lover :smiley: so i’m in search for alternative, but if ill have to, ill buy one…i need it for this specific job, and there is no place for my personal wishes in it.