Searching for a stable distro

hello :slight_smile:
for the past 2 weeks im looking for a stable distro for my main pc.
im not new to linux,i have a home server that is using freenas,ubuntu server,centos and ive used linux before as main os (knoppix,slackware,ubuntu,opensuse and so on…)
im so sick of win10.
for now my eyes are on pop os with kde plasma
from what i read kubuntu is not stable ,i really dont like gnome 3
gaming ? yes sometime but not many games.
gpu passthrough? yes,i can and did it on my laptop but i had to switch back to windows bc of some apps dont work under wine or vm.
any advice ?

desktop specs:
amd ryzen 7 2700x
16 gb ram
video asus rog strixx rx 480
ssd 512 samsung evo 840
hdd: 2 TB and 3 TB (wd)



Debian Buster


you just can’t write/post/say/think stable without having Debian as an answer :man_shrugging:

you also get to choose your DE at the installer


If you want stable, use opensuse.

I like Solus.

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Do you want an incremental release OS or a rolling release OS? I’m assuming this is for a desktop OS too.

Having just rebuilt my main rig due to a corrupt Manjaro update and subsequently losing some data, I’d suggest staying away from rolling releases… Or at least remember to include thunderbird files in your backup regime. :slight_smile:

Kubuntu not stable?
Hmm that is kinda interesting since they are using the LTS version of the KDE desktop.

  • Debian.
  • Open Suse.
  • Fedora.
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Im also calling shenanigans on $UBUNTU_SPIN being unstable.

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I had some stability problems with Ubuntu 18.04 and my Ryzen 3900X. But it all turned out to be the RAM unstable at 3600 MHz.

Always check the hardware.

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ubuntu or any … distro’s like kubuntu and so on are not stable for me.
i tested it and found some funny desktop glitches.
i finally installed debian 10.2 with kde plasma. its… amazing ! rock stable.
i installed my gpu drivers, all my apps and it works great. i did not have any problems. i also manged to install qemu and setup my windows 10 gaming vm with gpu passthrough. its almost identical in performance as a host. its like 2-4% slower. but sometimes in some games its faster in a vm than host. im very happy with my choice. this weekend ill ditch win 10 for debian also on my laptop (asus rog gl552vx).

thank you

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