Searching for a Linux laptop

Hey guys,
I'm searching a mobile Linux laptop, for about 250 to 350€. I looked today in the internet a little bit, but all the laptops I found were for at least 450€.
Do you have an experience with Linux laptops? Can't I buy an regular windows laptop and put Linux on it or is this option not very efficient?

Thanks for your help!
(I'm not sure, if Build a PC is the right topic)

Yes, you can just put Linux on any laptop.

As for your budget, at least where I live in Canada, you can get a laptop at almost any store that sells laptops for that amount. (Google converted currency)

I'm not really sure if Build a PC is the correct topic either, I've had a few questions about laptops but never got around to posting because I never knew where to put 'em. Oh well.

Do you know a good choice for a cheap laptop? Mobility is important for me.

If you are not afraid of a little command line trickery you could just buy a Chromebook and get a real operating system on there.

I bought a refurbished laptop from Microcenter, a local electronics and computer parts store. Cost me about $150.00 for a 19" Gateway. Wiped it out and installed Ubuntu on it working out nice.

If you have a donation store you could always check for laptops there. Might not be the best but sometimes you'll find some really good deals. Not sure if you have Craigslist there or not but I've found many deals there for cheap PCs.

What do you mean with real operating system? I don't get that.
I know about pc's and stuff, but laptops are a new topic for me.

System 76 offers some decent Ubuntu Laptops/Desktops.


System 76

I was about to go google for that site when I saw they're thread cuz I remembered they existed but I didn't remember the name. My only problem with them is that the pictures look like they use cheep plastic for the housing. I would personally go with something that used some better materials.

I run arch on e epc 90X I got on Craig's list for $35.
New cheep Acer will work fine.
Double check the Wi-Fi adapter , google computer specifications before you buy.
You coud have wireless problems otherwise, but doughtfull.
The linux kernel works on about anything now.
There is linux compatibility site for hardware.

The Linux Action Show guys Swear by System 76 so I am assuming that they are made from sturdier stuff.

i too am looking for a linux based laptop mid to high performance would be nice i've used system76 however since i live in the uk system76 after import fees taxes etc, it costs about 900 pounds sterling I'm now looking for a new laptop

im comfortable with the cli for basic stuff any recommendations?


you can get "Acer Aspire E5-571-31 KM" or "Acer Aspire E5-771-395N" for aroung 330EUR

most laptops from Lenovo.

Now I don't know what distro you are going for but this list is always worth a check:

Dell, Lenovo, HP and Asus all certify that their laptops and desktops work with Linux, you can even buy them without Windows!

It doesn't matter what distribution you choose to go with, that list is worth a check, as if they work with Ubuntu they should work with the majority of distributions.

Personally I'd buy a THINKPAD. Thinkpads are rugged business machines built to last. Either that or a Dell
You can pick up a used Thinkpad for a great deal on