I saw on one of linus' videos about this new SSHD its a 1tb hard drive with an 8gb ssd inside that it reads from. Basically it only writes to hdd part and it reads all from they ssd part. Which one should i buy ? the SSHD is only $99 and the raptor is around $200. Any help would be appreciated !

The  SSHD is a o.k. hdd with a integrated cache ssd, the raptor is a fast hdd. The SSHD will cache your most used apps so that they will start faster (almost like they are on a regular ssd) and your os will boot faster, but you will get no tangible benefit for reading or transfering large files (videos etc.) or stuff you dont use regularily. The Raptor gives you overall very good speeds for a hdd, but it is of course left behind by even a cheap ssd.

Just ask yourself how you use your storage and how important saving money is for you, if you consider spending 200 $ and you can get along with 250 gb storage you could just get a 840 evo for 180, having a external usb 3.0 drive for mass storage is also versatile.


Depending on what your computer budget is and specs. I would actually recommend buying a standard storage HDD, a decent 120GB SSD for your OS and then buying 16GB of DDR 2133 MHz RAM to run a 6GB RAM Cache on your SSD drive. This will blow away any high performance SSD or SSHD or normal HDD configuration out on the market. All you would have to do is save a small partition on your storage device to use for nightly OS backups in case you ever had a power outtage while the SSD was writing an important OS file back to itself from the RAM Cache.