Screens not staying when switching between the different "pcs"


KVM Model:

PAAG-ET3122B ( DisplayPort, Dual Monitor, Two Computers)

USB Interface (5-gigabit or 10-gigbit):



Switching between the different “PCs” causes the windows to be rearranged, as the displays are registered as disconnected.

I assume they shouldn’t “disconnect” because of the edid.

Other Notes:

  • I am currently testing with just 1 screen (but it daisy chains to 2 others).
  • The 2 “pcs” are vms in the same physical pc using 2 different gpus (4090 and 3090). Windows 11 VM with 4090 and arch linux with 3090.

youll need to use xrandr on linux to set the monitor layout config since you are using MST.

For windows 11 the checkbox “remember window positions” checkbox would be what you need to check.

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This disconnection can cause some apps, like fullscreen games, Unreal editor, or other gpu related apps to crash.

Is there no way to prevent it from registering as disconnected? I thought that was the purpose of the edid. Or is it because I am using MST that edid is not working?

Thank you for the information about the win positions

Not really.

Well, it would be, but you have the PAAG-ET3122B, this isn’t an EDID KVM. So, your fix for EDID issues would have to be in software.

I bought this specifically because it had EDID in the description of the page for this KVM.

If this is not an EDID KVM, then its false advertisement.

Edit: “Features: * Intelligent EDID Engine for HDCP Rekeying (computers know when the port is inactive. Check out the Level1Techs repeater if you need monitor emulation).”

Edit2: You can mark this topic as closed, I am contacting the email support for retuning.

Edit 3: It seems that what I am looking for is not this kind of EDID, and I mistakenly understood it as a false advertisement.

Thank you for bringing this up. From now on I will clarify when talking to people “The DP 1.4 KVMs are NOT for monitor emulation, but they do have an EDID engine the purposes of HDCP and HDCP rekey only.”

We do have a DP 1.2 monitor emulation KVM:

If you would rather fix the issue in hardware, that particular KVM would be the solution, but as far as I know, you can still fix this in software. If you have any questions please let me know. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding and frustration.

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