Screen goes boom boom



Hi I need some help/advice on my overclocking adventure.

A few minutes, maybe hours, ago i decided to finally overclock my Inno3D* GTX 660 (non ti) to 1200 mhz up to 1253 mhz boost. My heart was filled with joy because it didnt fry up anything. But when i was to test it's performance (i start up a game; Far cry 3)  the screen suddenly lost it's life for a moment while the game was loading but then turned on again after a few seconds.

Is this a symptom of any kind? thanks in advance

Did you stress test the GPU with kombuster at all? you may need to give it more voltage or lower down you clock. Just because it works in Windows does not mean it will work in games automatically. The overclock is not in effect when you are doing nothing, but once you load up a game and it trys to use that overclock and can't, it will crash. You may have to start over and try some different clocks or voltages.

yes i did and i did notice improvements both in the stress test and in the game

i set the voltage to 1.000v is that enough?

Try to google what overclocks people have on that card normally and what voltage they are using for it and go from there. I don't have that GPU nor have I used many nVidia GPUs before so I couldn't tell you whether that will be sufficient or too much. I can try lookingmyself when I get home today to let you know, just try not to over do it and break the GPU haha.

it turns out my card has a overclocking limit. cant overclock it over 1050 or something, thanks for the help :)

For future reference, the screen going black is a result of your drivers crashing, which does mean a failed overclock.